Property Management Guarantee

360PMPRO is committed to providing Georgia's best property management services. But in the unlikely event that a landlord can show evidence that the company or its agents have not met the terms of agreement, or not lived up to the spirit of the agreement, as it pertains to customer/client service, the landlord may early terminate the agreement without penalty or prejudice, plus be entitled to a refund of any commissions paid by landlord from the date of delivery of written notice of discontent.*

Management reserves the right to make necessary changes to the offending company policy and procedures, and to demonstrate this in good faith, for a period of 30 days from the date of receipt of notice. If at the end of this probationary term, landlord is not completely satisfied with management’s performance, the landlord may terminate the agreement as stated above, by providing written notice of the desire to do so.

*Notice may be delivered, in  written form email, US Mail, or in person. If transmitted by email it is not considered delivered without or until receipt acknowledgement by management.